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M.L. Campbell Wood Finishes Info

Distributor Service, Inc. is a wholesaler of M.l. Campbell Wood Finishing Systems in DSI Pittsburgh, PA, DSI Cleveland, OH, DSI Millersburg, OH, DSI Columbus, OH, DSI Cincinnati, OH, DSI Detroit, MI, DSI Louisville, KY and DSI Indianapolis, IN.

DSI ML Campbell Wood Finishing Systems

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Shouldn’t your shop use M.L. Campbell wood finish systems for finishing furniture, cabinets and as surfaces finish? M.L. Campbell is the leading manufacturer of wood coatings for cabinetmakers, millwork casework wood shops, Institutional Case Goods, architectural designers and other professional woodworkers. Wood finishing professionals love M.L. Campbell’s clear topcoats, pigmented topcoats, wood stains, dyes, sealers, primers undercoats and wood glazes. DSI distributes all of these items.

But, with DSI and M.L. Campbell, you don’t just get product, you get a partner. As an expert M.L. Campbell distributor, DSI has a team of experienced wood finish specialists that will come to your shop and show your crew the best ways to apply all of M.L. Campbell’s wood finishes. And, they are always available to answer any technical question you may have. Plus, DSI hosts training events called Spray Days. You can send your wood finishers to these informational classes and they will learn the latest techniques and product features from wood coating experts.

Need a custom color or want to match a stain? Each of DSI’s eight locations has an experienced color specialist and a tint room on site. With a color sample you provide, they use computer technology to match your hues exactly. And, for shops that require OCS Ohio Certified Stains, DSI is a certified OCS supplier.

M.L. Campbell Wood Finishes

Material Safety Data Sheets - SDS


    Polyurethane 2K | Post-Catalyzed | Pre-Catalyzed and Acrylic
  • M.L. Campbell clear topcoat formulas are the best in the industry. Their clears exemplify state-of-the-art environmental and user safety, without sacrificing product quality or performance. Designed for interior wood surfaces exposed to moisture, heat and household chemicals. M.L. Campbell clear topcoats are ideal for commercial millwork, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry or general interior use.


    Polyurethane 2K | Post-Catalyzed | Pre-Catalyzed and Vinyl
  • M.L. Campbell’s clear sealers are known for their superior moisture resistance, exceptional application and sanding properties along with fast dry times. M.L. Campbell sealers have what it takes to ensure a flawless finish for every wood-finishing job.


      Polyurethane 2K | Post-Catalyzed | Pre-Catalyzed | Acrylic and Nitrocellulose
    • DSI offers M.L Campbell pigmented topcoats that have an outstanding aesthetic appeal in environmentally friendly HAPs solvent free formulas. M.L. Campbell pigmented topcoats are designed to achieve the highest levels of appearance, wear resistance and durability. Ideal for kitchen, bath or general interior use. Available in 1000+ colors.

      Polyurethane 2K & Post Catalyzed | Pre-Catalyzed | Vinyl | Nitrocellulose
    • Specially formulated to complement M.L. Campbell pigmented topcoat finishes, these undercoats offer a variety of unique advantages such as HAPs free formulation, fast-dry, easy-sanding properties, outstanding adhesion, topcoat holdout and more.

      Agualente® PLUS Clear | Agualente® PLUS White/Opaque Base | Agualente® PLUS Sealer | Stain Blocking Primer
    • M.L. Campbell® Agualente® PLUS Water Borne Pre-Catalyzed System is a one component, VOC compliant coatings system based on advanced resin technology that provides a hard, durable, stain resistant finish for interior wood surfaces. This technology provides trouble free application with a beautiful appearance mirroring a solvent-based pre-catalyzed system. Agualente® PLUS consists of sealer, primer, and clear and pigmented topcoats with a full range of sheens. Agualente® PLUS is ideal for kitchen and bath cabinets, household or office furniture, display fixtures, paneling or general interior wood surfaces.

      Agualente Plus Water Borne Pre-Cat Pigmented Lacquer - SDS - MSDS MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET
    • SDS Agualente® PLUS Sealer - SKU NO. C136359
    • Agualente® PLUS Sealer Product Information Sheet - SKU NO. C136359

    • Agualente® PLUS Stain Blocking Prime - SDS - MSDS MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET
    • SDS Agualente® PLUS Stain Blocking Prime - SKU NO. W136259
    • Agualente® PLUS Stain Blocking Prime Product Information Sheet - SKU NO. W136259

      Interior Clear | Interior Pigmented | Interior Fast Dry Clear | Fast Dry Pigmented | Clear Sealer | Fast Dry Clear Sealer | Pigmented Primers | Fast Dry Pigmented Primer | POLARION™ Catalyst
      M.L. Campbell® POLARION™ 2K Acrylic Polyurethane is the latest advancement in high-performance wood finishes. This durable interior polyurethane system consists of sealers, primers, and clear and pigmented topcoats with a full range of sheens utilizing just one catalyst and mix ratio. This simple combination makes POLARION™ ideal for use on conference tables, bar tops, millwork, furniture, cabinets or any interior wood surface that requires a hard durable finish.

      Medium Reducer | Fast Reducer | Retarder

    • Euro Series Interior Finishes | Euro Series Exterior Finishes | Other Euro Series Products

      DSI supplies Euro Series wood finishes from M.L. Campbell that combine the craftsmanship and high durability of European wood finishing technology with easy-to-apply interior and exterior finishes. Our Euro Series line is based on a time-tested European, two-component technology that offers a long lasting, beautiful finish.

        STAINS & DYES
      • Stains and Dyes
      • The perfect base for M.L. Campbell quality topcoats, our spray and wipe wood stains also respond beautifully to coverage with M.L. Campbell lacquers. Properties include fast drying, great workability and open times. M.L. Campbell offers a wide array of stocked and custom colors.


      • Glazes
      • M.L. Campbell glazes are designed to imitate aging and create a beautiful three-dimensional look that provides color depth and rich color to interior wood surfaces.


        Catalysts | Reducers | Retarders | Specialty Finishes, Additives, Touch Ups
      • M.L. Campbell also offers specialty finishes, touch-up products, additives, reducers, retarders and catalysts to meet all of your wood finishing needs.

        Call DSI at 800-745-1778 or e-mail sales@maildsi.com to buy M.l. Campbell Wood Finishing in Pittsburgh, PA, Columbus, OH, Cleveland, OH, Cincinnati, OH, Millersburg, OH, Detroit, MI, Indianapolis, IN and Louisville, KY.