Prism TFL Textures (Flakeboard Melamine)

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Prism TFL Textures

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Prism TFL panels are produced in nine distinct textures to enhance your design selection. Click the image for a larger, high resolution picture of the Arauco Prism TFL texture. ARAUCO Particleboard panels are manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered Southern Yellow Pine fiber.

Particleboard panels, thanks to their consistent product characteristics, are an excellent alternative for a wide range of applications such as commercial and residential furniture, interior design projects, screens and other uses.

• Excellent machinability
• Consistent physical-mechanical properties
• Less paint or sealer consumption
• Smooth, homogeneous surface that can be painted, stained or coated
• Can be finished either manually or mechanically

Contact a DSI sales representative at 800-745-1778 for pricing on Arauco Prism Thermally Fused Melamine.

Prism TFL Textures (Flakeboard Melamine) Swatches

AuthenTICK / Produced at
Sault Ste. Marie, ON and St. Stephen, NB.

Suede / Produced at all laminating facilities.

Satin / Produced at Bennettsville, SC;
Sault Ste. Marie, ON and St. Stephen, NB.

Algonquin Ash / Produced at St. Stephen, NB.

Woodgrain Gloss / Produced at St. Stephen, NB.

Medina / Produced at Albany, OR; Bennettsville,
SC and St. Stephen, NB.

Timberline / Produced at Bennettsville, SC;
Albany, OR and Moncure, NC.

Sawcut / Produced at St. Stephen, NB.

Cascade / Produced at St. Stephen, NB.

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